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Sargraph-A Graphical front-end for sar (system activity reports).

Version 3.1 released , See the download section.


Sargraph is an open source tool which converts sar reports in to stunning graphs, it will show you the system cpu, memory,swap usage and run-queue in stunning graphical format. Its a web based open source tool and will collect the sar reports of various servers and provide you an single window to view and analyze.

A sample CPU graph

CPU Graph
















 How it works?

sargraph will collect the sar reports from the servers in to central repository using SCP and SSH protocols. Sargraph will process these reports based on user query and display it in graphical format.

See it in action!

click Demo link


Current release - version 3.1


1. Its a web based and written in PHP, and no databases hurdles.

2. A central place to see the SAR of your servers in rich graphical formats.

3. Access to the sargraph portal is via user authentication.

4. Adjustable Graph size and styles.

5. Stunning graphs, and its in variety of styles! line, Area,Bar and more.

5. Sar graphs in daily average mode, Usefull for analyzing monthly and yeary trends.

6. It can be used as central sar repository of all your enterprise servers.

Platform supported:

Currently its only supported below Platforms.

1. Linux (Redhat. ubuntu, kubuntu, Suse Linux, centos and more..)
2. Solaris

SAR Reports supported:

Version 3.0 supportd below SAR reports:

1. CPU

2. Memory

3. swap

4. Load (Run-queue)

Download and Installation :

click here to get the sargraph. See the documents for step by step step installation and configuration.


Browsers supported:

Supported all Major browsers like IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari

For Best Viewing experience use  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


Other Downloads:




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